KWNS...worth waking up for!

KIDS' WORLD NURSERY SCHOOL, 10 INTRAREA SECTORULUI, sector 3 | 0771242641 office@kwns.o 


All you really need to know, you learn in kindergarten

They say knowledge is power....Which is why we love to share it every day...all day. From our hearts, to our children, we do things the way are meant to English. Our kids learn with happiness near new friends and eat together our tasty bio meals. 

Come here...Not because our meals are delicious but because they are bio delicious.

Fresh tastes better. It's that simple. That's why everything on our menu comes from Home Made Food caterers to our kitchen. You can taste the difference.

We jump out of bed and this is what we do

We've got something for everyone.


They need it. We have it. At KWNS, kids don't come to kindergarten. They come to the place where they can be artists, singers, dancers, sportives, cookers, farmers, doctors. The choices are endless.  


KWNS offers intensive English classes with free talks on different topics. Children are supervised by qualified teachers to become independent at homework.  



We are Young Learners of English (YLE) Certified & ADDVANTAGE PARTNERS due to the excelent results of our kids at British Council exams. Come to us and our kids will get A0, A1, A2, B1 Cambridge certificates & more.